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300D, RemoteCapture and bulb

Started by tomlicha, 05/27/2004 04:56AM
Posted 05/27/2004 04:56AM Opening Post
Hi there,

I wanted to sequence bulb exposures with the 300D and RemoteCapture. I can select bulb as an exposure time, but RemoteCapture refuses to shoot. With 30s and less everything is perfect.

Anyone who made this work?

Posted 05/27/2004 07:11AM #1
Hey Tom,

I don't have the 300D, but I do have the Nikon D70 and Capture 4 (the Nikon equivalent of RemoteCapture). Capture 4 won't let me shoot bulb shots via the software - only via the camera or the remote. I'm thinking they just didn't code it into the firmware/software. Perhaps Canon did the same thing as Nikon.

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Posted 05/27/2004 07:40AM | Edited 05/27/2004 07:41AM #2
Yes, RemoteCapture won't handle bulb mode.

To control the shutter, you can use software such as DSLRFocus or Images Plus. These work in concert with a custom parallel port shutter release cable (one end plugs into a laptop's parallel port, the other into the 300D's remote shutter release plug).

You can make your own cable: see for details. Or you can pay some one to build it for you... see for Hap Griffin's cables.

Info about DSLR Focus is available at; info about Images Plus is available at

Hope that helped.
Posted 05/27/2004 08:05AM #3
Thank you for your quick response.

Seems very strange to me: the Canon IR-Remote Control is just sending IR signals and CAN control the camera in bulb. But the USB-connection cannot. Must definitely be a bug or lousy implementation.

Thanx for the soft- and hardware tips. Unfortunately the serial port is used for LX-200 connection and the parallel for the guide cam sad Maybe I have to look for an additional serial card, maybe USB to serial. Its a laptop...

Still have some hope, cause I got the latest version of RemoteCapture now wink

Take care