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Again help needed with Toucam Pro

Started by Astrovale, 03/06/2003 07:44AM
Posted 03/06/2003 07:44AM Opening Post
Hello guys,
anybody can advice me on how to get my first images with a Toucam Pro?
I tried last night, but all I could get was pitch black everywhere I looked on the screen. I centered Jupiter with a short focal eyepiece (7mm at 400X), I had an IR cut filter mounted on so I thought I did all that was needed but NO IMAGE AT ALL. I'd browsed the web to find all infos before trying, but I may have missed something. I was working at f/10 with a Nexstar 11.
Furthermore, I read here that you should choose certain values for the different controls of the camera, but where do I read the values?? Some of the controls only have a cursor with no numerical value to refer to.
I'm a bit lost, because since I can't get any image I can't even "work" on it with the camera controls to make it better!
Thanks for any help provided guys.
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