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Apollo 11 Landing site

Started by jimhp29401us, 01/07/2004 02:46PM
Posted 01/07/2004 02:46PM Opening Post
From Dec 28th. The seeing was not great but the ridges came out nice. the landing site is above and to the left of Molke next to the thre whitish dots (crater-lets). maybe Derrick can place an arrow pointing to the exact location. Thanks, FYI
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Jim Phillips

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Posted 01/07/2004 08:53PM #1
Hi Jim.

There is more than enough detail in that image to pinpoint the location fairly closely. I added another image showing the distance of about 10 Km (6 miles) between two of the three craters you mentioned. That should give you an idea of the scale.

Thank you Jim... I am looking forward to identifying the other three missons (Apollo 15, 16 & 17)??


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