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Best CCD mount for under $3,000

Started by Joe Bruessow, 10/15/2002 07:41PM
Posted 10/15/2002 07:41PM Opening Post
I am thinking of getting a quality short focus newt. (approx. 10" to 12"), a C 9 1/4", or a Mak-Cass or Mak-Newt. in the 8" range for ccd and visual work. I'd like to hear recommendations on a mount. I know of several mounts but would like info from actual users. I wish the Williams Optics GT1 was still available but that appears to be gone? BTW... I was going to get a Meade LX200 GPS... and still may, but I want to look at all of my options... quality of photons is becomming more important than quantity as time goes on. Thanks
Posted 10/16/2002 09:12AM #1
Hey Joe,

I am using a european mount called FORNAX 50. Its a real monster of stability. Carries up to 45kg of telescopes and still tracks fine enough for CCD imaging. Periodic error is arround +/- 5 arc sec. It's not really under $3000 but close. I can really recommend it.

Here is review (with pictures) that I have written:

Posted 10/16/2002 10:12AM #2
Those scopes are all heavy, so your mount choices under $3,000 are pretty limited. The Newts, especially, are probably too heavy for any mount in this price class. The newer G11 from Losmandy, with the redisigned gears, is your best shot.

Otherwise, the Mountain MI-250 sounds like a good mount price-wise for what you are trying to do. Otherwise, you'd need something like a Tak EM-200, which is well out of your price range. You could look for either used.

Ron Wodaski
author of "The New CCD Astronomy"

Ron Wodaski
New Astronomy Press