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Started by jimhp29401us, 01/02/2004 02:02PM
Posted 01/02/2004 02:02PM Opening Post
I know, I know, there are lots of very nice images of Clavius out there. Put down those rotten tomatoes..:~)
FYI. From yesterday afternoon. Toucam plus 3X Barlow, 8" F/9 TMB, Registax, with just a touch Adobe Photoshop

Jim Phillipsof

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Posted 01/02/2004 04:49PM #1

I don't think there's such a thing as too many pictures of Clavius. Nice picture. It sent me scurrying to look at Lunar Orbiter pictures. The lighting looks like the second largest craterlet's wall has been breeched. Must be just a trick of the light.


Posted 01/03/2004 11:44AM #2
Here’s my humble attempt.

12” LX200 @ F10. Phillips ToUCam XS (the CMOS version)


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Posted 01/04/2004 11:17PM #3
Here is small brother TMB 7" trying to catch up.

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