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D60 60 second andromeda

Started by mccarlp, 09/27/2002 11:29AM
Posted 09/27/2002 11:29AM Opening Post
Ok, my tracking wasn't as good as I thought. Never trust a camera lcd... Even at the zoomed view on the lcd it is showing you an interpolated view of an image area nine times larger than the LCD resolution is capable of showing. Pinpoint stars on the camera back aren't on the computer. Live and learn.

Anyway this is a single 60 second frame of color with an overlay of five stacked 60 second frames as a "soft light" layer in photoshop. I used only the green channel in the five stacked frames to enhance the slight swirl of spiral structure that was just emerging towards the upper left.

No awards here, but I can't wait to try it during the new moon. The good news is I may get some rest before then as a storm front is moving in for the next week according to the weathermen.

Paul McCarl

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Posted 09/27/2002 03:59PM #1
Very promissing stuff Paul!

I'll be joining you shortly... my D60 is being sent out this next Monday (I'm just not ready for "Big Boy" CCD toys yet, and love the digicam's comparative simplicity! shocked)

Now I just need a T-Ring, some lenses, a battery grip, a right angle viewfinder, a remote, a.... Ehhhh, what the hey... After salivating over the shots Johannes S and Mike U (among others now) are gathering, I needed in on the fun too!

(yet another) Paul

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Posted 09/27/2002 06:17PM #2
There's more here than you may realize. I did some heavy-duty image process to fix the stars, smooth out the grain, smooth out the color, boost the histogram and then shrink the image so that the graininess wouldn't dominate. This is the result. You can see quite a bit of structure in the image.

Ron Wodaski
author of "The New CCD Astronomy"

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Ron Wodaski
New Astronomy Press