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D60 Andromeda Wide Field

Started by mccarlp, 02/11/2003 11:23PM
Posted 02/11/2003 11:23PM Opening Post
Well, I sold the LXD-55 and upgraded to an LX-200 8" f10. I know I discussed getting a G-11, but finances being what they are and considering all things, I decided that the LX-200 gives me a reasonable imaging platform and will still be portable and powerful at star parties. It is a compromise, but the most important part of imaging is simply using what you have and learning how to overcome the various weaknesses. Besides I am really enjoying myself. 8^)

This one is from my very first session with the LX-200. Rough polar alignment and nothing but piggyback to keep it simple. I was shooting with my Canon D60 digital SLR and an old Vivitar 85-260mm zoom lens with a universal screw mount. I have since discovered that stopping the lens down one stop corrects the minor abberations and delivers sharp little stars with almost no color fringing. Really a nice lens.

For you D60 owners out there, you really need to get an M42 to EOS adapter. You can pick up old universal screw mount lenses at really reasonable prices and extend your range without breaking the bank. Besides the adapters go for as little as $5 on Ebay. A no brainer.

Don't worry, they get better, but I was just learning my new system this night.

Paul McCarl

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