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Focusing on Planets.. Help Needed

Started by JoeRam, 12/15/2002 03:27PM
Posted 12/15/2002 03:27PM Opening Post
Hello All!

I have having trouble achieving good focus when imaging plants. Last night I tried and tried...

Currently, I am using the pixel saturation method within CCDOPS. I’ve tried focusing on the planet itself, and on their moons. I do admit, for my first time imaging plants the results are promising, but nothing I would write home about. Should I focus on a nearby star perhaps?

I am using a 10" LX200, an ST-237 (with the color wheel) and an APO Barlow. No eyepiece projection.

Please advise.

Thanks for you replies!

Posted 12/15/2002 05:07PM #1
Hi Kevin.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, my cameras fastest speed is only 1/10th sceond. I noticed the images are over exposed, but if I played with the histogram a little the image got better. I guess I need to find some software that will allow me to take faster images or a filter to block some of the light.

Let me know if you can recommend something.

Thanks Again.