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h-alpha pass filters....

Started by inbred, 06/29/2002 04:58PM
Posted 06/29/2002 04:58PM Opening Post
My ccd cam is just about up and running (finally); I plan on using a deep red or H-alpha pass filter for nebula work (I'm only doing black and white for now). will this same red filter be an effective light pollution reducer on globs, galaxies, and planetaries as well, or are they only really effective on predominately red light sources?
Posted 07/01/2002 10:57PM #1
Chances are, you won't be able to use your h-alpha filter on anything but the moon or nebulous structures.

I have a custom scientific filter with <4nm bandpass and yes, it will not pass most forms of light pollution and also be a good filter to use when imaging emission nebulas when there is a full moon.

Even with 20 minute sub-exposures, you will have extremely small stars and very few of them in your FOV.

Here is an example image I took, it is using the Custom Scientific filter and 160 minutes of LUM. This field is full of stars if you use any other RGB filter: