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Satellite explosion???

Started by plunkett, 06/16/2006 09:19PM
Posted 06/16/2006 09:19PM Opening Post
Not sure where to post this...

Did anyone see a satellite explode tonight (6/16) at about 9:12 PM Eastern? I was looking at it at about 140 power and it was moving only slightly when it exploded into a LOT of little pieces. It was about 5 degrees (ish) east of Jupiter when the event occurred. I could see a circular object with what appeared to be an antenna with lights on it just prior to its demise.

I've looked on the NASA sight but don't see anything about it...

Posted 06/17/2006 06:40AM #1
Could it have been one of those weather balloons? That's what usually happens to them I think.

Lawrence R.