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Softwere for Realigning RGB?

Started by dlkeller, 01/19/2003 09:55AM
Posted 01/19/2003 09:55AM Opening Post
Hey gang,

I've been doing planetary and lunar photography with a Philips Vesta Pro for a while and am getting faint blue/blue-green color error along one side of the planetary/lunar disk's limb. The telescopes are Newtonian Reflectors and SCTs so we can't blame this on color abberation from the telescope itself (always properly collimated before use). This problem also happens when I don't use the Televue Powermates so it is not a color error from Barlowing. No eyepiece projection is being used either. My conclusion is that it is an abberation imparted by the camera itself. Some of you have advised in the past that the picture needs to be broken down into it's RGB components and then realigned. I recently saw some examples of "before and after" RGB realignment over on the QCUIAG Yahoo group that matches the exact problem I'm having.

The question is "Which software programs have the ability to break a color image into RGB components and then realign them?"

Do I need one software program to break the image into RGB and then go into something like Astrostack or Registax to realign/restack?

Give me a variety of different programs that can do this. I will eventually move on to using a true Astrophotography CCD camera (SBIG or Starlight Xpress) so I want to plan ahead in terms of handling their requirements as well.

Dave Keller
Posted 01/19/2003 12:49PM #1
Photoshop can do this without even having to break the color challens out separately, but it's very expensive. There are two clones of Photoshop out there, PaintShop Pro and Picture Window Pro. Both presumably offer similar feature.

And I would think that Mike Unsold's ImagesPlus program, which is designed around astro image processing, would be one an excellent choice for this problem because it would give you so many astro-specific options.

Ron Wodaski

Ron Wodaski
New Astronomy Press