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Veil Nebula in Ha and OIII light

Started by rwodaski, 09/27/2002 01:18AM
Posted 09/27/2002 01:18AM Opening Post
Here is a quick processing of the data for the portion of the Veil I've been imaging the last two nights. I collected 3x20 minutes in H-alpha last night, and 3x20 minutes in OIII and H-beta tonight. While the H-beta was downloading, I did a quick average and combine of the Ha and OIII data, and color combined them using Ha-OIII-OIII (what I call AOO) for color. That's what I've posted here in a reduced-size version. The full size version is also worth a look:

I'm pretty darn happy with the result. I don't have flats yet (and really need them; I'm imaging into the really crappy western sky that is limiting visual mag 2.5!), so this will only get better. The above is a deliberately restrained version with respect to contrast; I like the feathery look. I also did a version that is more typical of what you see, that shows more detail but lacks the semi-transparent appearance:

What's making me the happiest is that I can finally image to my west. Using luminance and RGB filter, the west was just horrid because of the severe light pollution (I'm imaging right over Bellevue, WA, a large city with skyscrapers and all the trimmings). Narrow band really does cut through the light pollution effectively. With these long total exposures, there is some bleed-through, but it's mild and I expect flats to handle it. Even just doing gradient removal in Photoshop, the results are quite good.

Takahashi FCT-150, Finger Lakes CM-10E, Paramount ME, Custom Scientific 3nm filters.

Ron Wodaski
author of "The New CCD Astronomy"

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Ron Wodaski
New Astronomy Press
Posted 09/27/2002 07:22AM #1
Fantastic Ron. One of the best images of a portion of the Veil I have ever seen.

Don Spencer
Posted 09/28/2002 06:08PM #2
Pretty cool, Ron. What I like about narrow-band filters is not only their ability to kill light pollution--from the moon and otherwise--but the nice improvement one sees in FWHM.

Jeff Hapeman

Jeff 8O