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16mm shot of Milkyway

Started by mccarlp, 08/15/2002 01:40PM
Posted 08/15/2002 01:40PM Opening Post
This was shot with a 16mm Zenitar lens on a Canon Elan IIe. The film was Kodak Max Versatility Plus (800 ISO). This was part of a attempt to photograph meteors during last weekend's Perseid showers, but apparently this film suffers from high reciprocity failure. This is a 30 minute shot and shows very little improvement over some 15 minute attempts. I have had better luck with E200 slide film. No meteors on two rolls with different cameras and lens combinations. Some liveable wide field shots of the milky way, but not totally happy. I figured the 800 speed film would do well, but it failed to record several bright meteors including several that left visible smoke trails in the sky. Oh well, the quest continues.

I inset a map to help orient you. There are five tiny arrows pointing to the following nebulas starting from the top:

North American
Swan (or Omega)

Anyone have any luck with the meteors last weekend?

Paul McCarl

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Posted 08/15/2002 02:13PM #1
what f/ratio is the lens set at? that may have something to do with the lack of meteors. 800 film is still a little slow for meteors, depending on f/ratio. also, are you scanning prints or negatives?