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Compuer Enhancement

Started by Walter, 06/27/2002 04:03AM
Posted 06/27/2002 04:03AM Opening Post
I have a lot of old astrophoto negatives from back in the 70's and 80's, most B&W 35mm negs, some color slides. Are the current computer techniques for digital enhancements applicable to B&W negs? I have tried to scan a couple of these negs on the transparency adapter of my flatbed scanner with no luck at all. It works from slides albeit with limited resolution. I'm just curious if I could gain more details and pleasing results with the digital route using higher end equipments and techniques.

Posted 06/27/2002 02:03PM #1
I've never worked with B&W yet but I would think some of the processing would be similar. CCD's shoot in B&W and I hear of people processing those shots, although I think they use specialized software for this task. It might be worth while to ask a similar question over in the CCD Forum as to what kind of processing is used and how much you can expect to gain.

I haven't heard of too many people getting those transparency adaptors for flatbeds to work very well (at least for this application), so you could probably expect to see quite a bit of improvement going to a dedicated slide and neg scanner.

Robert W.

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