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Does anyone use a Graflex 4x5 camera?

Started by tomrod, 11/26/2002 07:20AM
Posted 11/26/2002 07:20AM Opening Post
I just picked up a Graphlex 4x5 camera, some Polariod film holders and a couple boxes of 800 speed 4X5 B&W film. I'm thinking about trying some astrophotography with the lens board removed. I would use a 5" f7.4 refractor with large coma corrector on a CG5 with a 4" guidescope.

Any comments or suggestons would appreciated ("you're nuts" is an acceptable comment).


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Posted 11/26/2002 01:34PM #1

Many Japanese people use 4x5 film on refractor telescopes. I also saw some 4x5 picture by Tony Hallas. The results look very nice.

Instead of the Graphlex 4x5, perhaps you can consider using a pure 4x5 film holder directly attached to the telescope. The structure of most 4x5 camera is not strong enough for astrophotography, especially under long exposure time (>30min).

This is what I found from a US website. The camera (actually is it just a 4x5 film holder and some adapters) is made in Japan.

Wei-Hao Wang