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g-11 vs. LX-200 as imaging mount

Started by mccarlp, 09/21/2002 04:13PM
Posted 09/21/2002 04:13PM Opening Post

Hopefully this won't start a war between owners of the two, but I am trying to decide how best to upgrade my ccd and astrophotography setup. Leaving optics aside for a minute, I would really like some opinions about the LX-200 as a mount versus something like a g-11 with digital setting circles and dual axis motors.

I like the goto on the lx-200, but I realize all of the balance issues with a fork mount, expecially one with a refractor mounted on top. That was one of the things I had to fight with my c8. I do however like the idea of the eyepiece always being in roughly the same location with the fork. And for visual observing at star parties, the LX-200 can be slapped on a tripod in alt-az and be up and running in minutes with really good tracking.

On the other hand, an EQ mount is easy to balance, can carry any scope within its load rating, and is easier to setup polar alignment then a wedge. There are less electronics to go haywire in G11 setup than the LX-200 and my neighbors won't think I am running power tools at 2 a.m. Still, I hate having to rotate the tube all the time to reorient the eyepiece, and you still need a decent polar alignment for the mount to track well visually at star parties, etc. That means longer setup. And lets not forget the extra 30 lbs of counterweights you have to lug around. I have also read a few horror stories of G11's not living up to their reputation without a lot of tweaking.

My problem is that I want both for their advantages and neither for the disadvantages. I have been running this issue around in my head until I am getting dizzy and my wife is tired of "talking" about it.

So I am looking for advice. I would love to hear experiences from those who are actually using them to do photography or CCD work.

Thanks in advance,

Paul McCarl

P.S. I also know that there are better mounts, but I have a limited budget.

Posted 09/21/2002 11:55PM #1
These are both very good mounts.

Remember that the Lx-200 will need a good wedge under it.

I have a G-11. My friends who have had both prefer a G11 when going out to a dark sky site. It is much easier to polar align. Other than that, I really could not offer much to this conversation.


Posted 09/23/2002 08:47AM #2
Hi Paul,

You did not mention your CCD setup, but another thing to consider with a fork mount is if there is enough room for your CCD to fit. I currently use an ST-8 with an 8" LX200 and there is not enough room for the CCD to fit so I cannot image past about +50*. With a GEM you do not have this problem.



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