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M-81 & M-82

Started by walkabout, 04/25/2004 05:10PM
Posted 04/25/2004 05:10PM Opening Post
See NGC 2403 for ditials.

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Posted 04/26/2004 02:47PM #1
Yes it is there. Sorry I don't no the NGC# off the top of my head.
Posted 04/27/2004 12:05PM #2
I did this one on April 18, 1998, same data as before. My print is unfortunately too yellow. Limiting star magnitude of mine is at least as good as yours, perhaps a tad better. But M81 has very detailed spiral arms in my picture. I think that my lower contrast helps a lot to show both the bright and faint parts well. The reduced contrast makes M82 less detailed, but mine has a red "fog" (of hydrogen?) around the nucleus. I greatly prefer the performance of Royal Gold 400 to your Fuji film, especially considering you used a 6 inch scope. Too bad they don't make it anymore. Have you compared a real print to your scanned images? Maybe the scanner is not picking up the faint stuff.