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Started by raw265, 07/18/2002 03:45PM
Posted 07/18/2002 03:45PM Opening Post
Ok, here is one I'm not proud of. Taken last weekend with a C8.

Here are the specs:

NGC6888 the Cressent Nebula, 1x45 min with no processing what so ever, Kodak PJ400, C8 with a Lumicon OAG running at F7.

Now what puzzles me is why the center is so far off focus but the outer edge seems to be fine. Film was tight so it should have been flat on the rails and it looked in focus thru the view finder (but that can be debatable). The only other thing I can think of is the focal reducing lense was not installed properly (ie, backwards).

Anyone have any thoughts on what went wrong before I remove the focal reducing lense to check that?

BTW, I have 1/2 a roll like this!!!!

Robert W.

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There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 07/19/2002 05:07AM #1
Hi Robert

I also think that the lens in your OAG is on backwards. Been there...done that...