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NGC 2403

Started by walkabout, 04/25/2004 05:05PM
Posted 04/25/2004 05:05PM Opening Post
The 4 images NGC 2403,M-51,M-81 & M-82,M-101 were taken on
4-13-04. These were all 45 minute exposures on Fuji 400 Provia.
All images are the original scans except for the croping and
the lower dpi. The images were scanned with an Espon 3200
These pictures were taken with an: AP 155mm scope,field flattener,Pentax 6X7 camera.
Conditions were windy and the seeing was about 7.5 to 8.
NGC 2403 is a fairly bright galaxy 8.4 located in Camelopardalis. Easily seen in even a small scope.
Comments welcome.

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Posted 04/27/2004 11:37AM #1
I just compared your picture to one I took on Jan 16, 1999. My 4x6 print has a neutral dark gray background, and presumably shows everything recorded on the negative. I used an AP 130 "f6" with field flattener, and Kodak Royal Gold 400(-2) film, 45 minutes exposure. The actual focal length is exactly 900 mm. Mine does not have the bright blue color, more grayish but with a hint of pink in the tiny knots in the arms of the galaxy. I assume these are H2 regions. My picture has a bit lower contrast than yours. The resolution of mine is exactly the same as yours, except that I have slightly elongated star images due to field rotation around the guide star. I guided mine manually with a 60x700mm Jason refractor, 12mm eyepiece; AP400QMD mount. The 2 bright stars in your picture, to the left of the galaxy, are slightly orangish in my print. My limiting magnitude is possibly a bit fainter than yours, but not significantly. But I'm not sure it's fair to compare my print to what I happen to get on my computer screen. Since your sky background is so dark, you can probably get fainter stars by printing it lighter.