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Which focusing aid to get?

Started by jsuro, 06/24/2003 12:59AM
Posted 06/24/2003 12:59AM Opening Post
Hi all,

I'm using a Nikon N50 so changing screens is out of the question - although the screen on the N50 is pretty much clear. The camera is not the mechanical shutter type but the battery will last forever because it's made to shoot a bunch of flash pictures so that's not an issue. I can focus well about 80% of the time at prime focus and so far never with eyepiece projection.

Looking at the alternatives, I'm considering either a Stiletto focuser or a Hartman mask of some sort for more precise focusing. I read the online manual on the Stiletto and it seems iffy on eyepiece projection.

Any comments on how to get better focusing without having to resort to opening a camera and placing a knife edge on the rails would be greatly appreciated.

Take Care,

Jose Suro
Tierra Verde, Florida