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WETA(hemideima thoracica)

Started by Kevin Barker, 12/16/2003 12:54PM
Posted 12/16/2003 12:54PM Opening Post
A large female found on my steps last night. Completely harmless. The NZ Giant Weta'a can have masses around 60 g.

This is a female Auckland tree Weta.

They evolved without rats and mice so hence the size.

The organs on the front of the knees are ears I believe.

Best wishes

Kevin Barker

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Posted 12/16/2003 02:44PM #1
Yes Weta's are distant relatives of Crickets. They evolved seperately in NZ which has been seperated by ocean for nigh on 100 million years from other countries.

The Giant Wetapunga's on Great Barrier island are massive with 80 mm long bodies and back legs that straighten out to over 5 inches. And they are really fat compared to this tree Weta.

They look scary but are quite cute to handle. Their back legs allow them to jump like a cricket just not as high.

This female's body was about 60 mm long. I often hear them while star gazing. They rub their legs together to produce high pitched scratching sounds.

They are pretty impressive insects all in all.

Best wishes


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Posted 01/03/2004 02:38PM #2
Hi Kevin,

Very neat insect! Have you ever seen a Tuatara?

Clear Skies,