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New Pet

Started by laservet, 08/12/2006 06:40PM
Posted 08/12/2006 06:40PM Opening Post
Here is my new Northern Blue Tongue Skink. Native to Australia, this one was born in California about 3 months ago and is still a baby with a head the size of my thumb. As an adult it will be the size of my forearm and can live 15-20 years. Pretty personable little guy/gal (too young to tell), but a picky eater -- loves his bugs, asparagus, bell peppers, raspberries, mango, and papaya but he's not interested at all in his leafy veggies and squash. Best of all? My wife loves him, thinks he's cute. grin

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Posted 08/12/2006 09:40PM #1
Good looking lizard,But appears to have a small Dandruff problem. 8)
Posted 08/18/2006 04:23PM #2
He just shed his skin, looking pretty!

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