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Running around screaming like a madwoman!

Started by Sunwolf, 12/01/2008 03:08PM
Posted 12/01/2008 03:08PM Opening Post
I AM SO PSYCHED! A very nice gentleman heard that I was saving up money to get a mirror to build my next scope and he donated not only an 8" mirror but all theholiday fixin's for it. I just got it today and I am so happy!

The only fly in my butter is that my 8 y.o. daughter is eyeing it with greed. (I have been letting her drive my 4.25 dob and she is hooked!) I told her she could help me with it. (Gotta start them ATMing young so that when I am too old to grind she can do it for me! Muwhahahaaa!)

So, here is the first picture of the 'scope embryo.


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