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Wanted: Matt Tudor

Started by pthurmes, 02/16/2005 04:49PM
Posted 02/16/2005 04:49PM | Edited 02/16/2005 05:45PM Opening Post
>sad >sad >sad >sad >sad >sad >sad

This guy owes me well over $1000 (or a C11 OTA). I paid him with a check that was cleared on 1/4/05, and he kept stalling shipment (actually, he kept claiming he'd just shipped it, but it never arrived) with excuses like, "I've been sick", and "My wife has had to do everything for me". Now about a week ago his email address went dead (suspicious, no??).

I really kick myself for not insisting I speak with him on the phone before the transaction. He had a very high rating on AM with a lot of transactions, but it is now obvious to me at least that he has no intent on following through with the deal. So I'm fishing for anyone who might be able to give me his phone number or other current contact info. (I have the address I mailed the check to, but who knows if that's valid now).

Herb York can confirm that he's been kicked off Astromart for numberous complaints against him, but I get the feeling Herb doesn't want to get involved in chasing him down and perhaps violating the user contract in the process. I don't blame him for that (or the bad transaction). I appreciate what Herb does for our community and don't wish to burden him. But other people who've dealt with him don't have to worry about that. And in the interest of keeping our ATM community clean, I'd like to think that most AM users would be interested in actively supporting bringing this kind of person to justice. His kind gives all AM users less faith in the vast majority of honest users.

So if you know his phone number or other current contact or personal info (where he works, wife's name, etc), or anyone who does or might know it, I'd surely appreciate the info. You can contact me through Astromart messages and I'll send you my email address and phone number. If you'd like, I'll send you my whole email message thread on this bad deal, as well as everything I know about him. And I'd be happy to discuss the matter on the phone to convince you of my sincerity and credibility. Thank you in advance for your help.

Meanwhile I would STRONGLY (and I can't say that word STRONGLY enough in print!) advise against ANY sorts of dealings with this guy. I'd like to convince Herb to post a warning in the ads. Herb told me that that's what the forum is for ("no libel", he says. Well, what I'm posting is NOT libel, it's fact), but I've never even looked at the forum until now so my feeling is that wouldn't be very useful getting the word out. Perhaps we can convince Herb to set up a forum topic like, "Astromart Crooks" (OK, something perhaps a little less imflammatory) and that he advise people to check this list before having any dealings, Astromart or otherwise, with personal buying or selling of ATM stuff.

Maybe with a posting in the ads, we can inform most ATMs that do online deals. I'd also like to get him in trouble with the telescope dealers as well, just to make life hard for him and let him know he can't get away with this in our community.

I will post to this thread if I ever hear from him again, or if by some miracle my C11 shows up.
Meanwhile, "caveat emptor!"
>sad >sad >sad >sad >sad >sad >sad
Posted 02/16/2005 10:50PM | Edited 02/17/2005 04:10AM #1
After doing a little snooping on Google groups I found a Matt Tudor who mentions living in Florida.He is a regular poster to sci.astro.amateur,,sci.optics,etc.After Feb 3 his email changes from

Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
From: "matt" - Find messages by this
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
From: "matt" - Find messages by

Sadly they don't giveout the whole e-mail address but this guy is a prolific poster on usenet with over 400 posts since 2000,284 on sci.astro.amateur(saa)alone.Perhaps if this is the guy a post by you on saa is in order.He just might come to his senses and realize you can't hide in todays world.

P.S.I've sent you a private message with the old and new e-mails.Found it on the net.Contact the postal authorities if that's your guy-sounds like mail fraud to me.Good Luck.