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The Last Jedi

Started by wavelandscott, 01/21/2018 05:01AM
Posted 01/21/2018 05:01AM Opening Post
Curious about people’s opinions on the movie The Last it? Hate it? Would like to hear your thoughts.
Posted 01/27/2018 11:16AM #1
VERY satisfied with the plot, feel, flow, and of course the visuals. Understand that though this is not directed by Mr. Lucas, a great deal of his imagination still carries over to the continuing story.

As a serious Star Wars fan since I can remember in the early '80s, I definitely approve.

I want to talk a lot about this flick, but you need to see it firsthand for yourself.

Just a few thoughts:

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Posted 01/27/2018 01:05PM #2
Hi, Scott et al. I only saw the 1st couple of the shuffled series, and enjoyed them. A friend invited me to this one; I passed because hadn't seen others and was only mildly interested. I'm currently watching the old (1995/96-ish) Outer Limits TV episodes. Forgot how political (anti-government, anti-military) those were. I think Star Wars initiated the ~too busy with latest special effects~ binge. But glad others are enjoying the entertainment! Tom

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Posted 01/28/2018 04:15AM #3
I enjoyed it but it did not go the way I expected. My teenage son’s loved it. I understand some people have mixed feelings about this chapter (lovers and haters).

I can see both sides of the argument. It is interesting to hear what others think.
Posted 02/12/2018 11:23PM #4
It was a good movie, but not a good Star Wars movie.

At least follow up and continue the nonsense started in Force Awakens in a logical manner.

I have hope the Ron Howard will do a good job with Solo movie. The trailer looks except for Woody Harrelson as his same character from Hunger Games.