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Posts Made By: Rod Kaufman

October 8, 2004 11:15 AM Forum: Politics

Re: Bush is wired! he cheats in debates, conferenc

Posted By Rod Kaufman

"if either of them cheated it must have been Kerry"
The results of the first debate are clear and Bush stumbled all over himself and that's one of the major reasons most people believe Bush lost it. Further Kerry communicated his message much better than Bush.
The rational of JB lacks more and more credibility with every post.

October 9, 2004 05:18 PM Forum: Politics

Comming Attractions: The Sinclair Group

Posted By Rod Kaufman

In what experts descibe as a "highly unusual move", the conservative Sinclair group is going to revive the anti-Kerry comments of vietnam vets claiming the usual nonsense of Kerry's war activism as a cause of prolonging the war. Although history has shown Kerry to be correct, the Sinclair group with the ability to reach nearly a quarter of the nation's homes on TV,will pre-empt it's regular programming with a "news report" of vietnam vets attacking Kerry with their usual and customary statements of Kerry being responsible for prolonging their ordeal in vietnam. This "news report" will air only days before election. Talk about yellow journalism...

October 10, 2004 02:52 PM Forum: Politics

The real Iraqi WMD threat

Posted By Rod Kaufman

The LA Times is reporting "a little-noticed section of the 960 page report says the risks of a devastating attack with unconventional weapons has grown since the US led invasion and occupation of Iraq last year." The Times futher notes,"...Bush administration has not previously disclosed that insurgent groups that have emerged since Hussein's ouster are trying to develop their own supplies of such deadly agents as mustard gas, ricen, and the nerve gas tabun."
So the administration took us to war in Iraq for the purpose of removing WMD that did not exist and were not even being planned by Hussein. But now as a result of our invasion, we are realizing a greater threat of the development of WMD in Iraq and, if it happens, the Bush people will say they were right all along the way...

October 11, 2004 04:51 PM Forum: Politics

Foreign Poll:Iraq War=More Terrorism

Posted By Rod Kaufman

As reported on todays CCN website, two thirds of those polled in Australia, Britain and Italy believe our war in Iraq has elevated the risk of terrorism. In what it descibes as a "blow" to Bush, CNN states the poll in the US now shows 52% believe the war in Iraq has increased the threat of terror.
I am not sure if this really matters to Bush since another poll found, in an area of considerable substance to most americans, that only 9% thought they would like to have a beer with Kerry. All others polled wanted to chug a lug with Bush as their main drinking buddy. Kerry is in deep poop now...

October 16, 2004 01:18 PM Forum: Politics

Hell No, They Won't Go

Posted By Rod Kaufman

It's reported that a platoon of about 17 reservists in Iraq refused, in their words, "a suicide mission" to deliver fuel and other supplies in poorly armed and broken-down vehicles.
Despite all of the unsubstantiated hype in this forum about the improving security, democracy and the like in Iraq, the fact is that a convoy delivering supplies in Iraq is a sitting duck and the soldiers know it.
In what is being descibed as a "blow to Bush", Poland is said to be preparing to pull out it's troops in 2005. Looks like they've got an exit strategy...

October 17, 2004 09:07 PM Forum: Politics

Scowcroft:"Failing Venture in Iraq and Afghanistan

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Former national security adviser to Bush senior and the mentor of current security adviser Rice, stated Bush co-operates with other countries to "rescue a failing venture in Iraq and Afghanistan." Brent Scowcroft, former national security adviser to the elder Bush, criticised the post 9-11 unilateralism from Bush for a contemptous attitude towards foreign alliances and commented on Bush's need to use them for a rescue effort.
Well, with Bush's 8 point lead in the polls, it looks like we are all going to have four more years to know if the rescue effort is successful....

October 20, 2004 06:08 PM Forum: Politics

Pat Robertson:"Bush Expected No US Casualties in Iraq

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Pat (Bush is the next best thing to God) Robertson stated Bush told him he expected no casualties from the invasion of Iraq. Now Bush denies it like he denies the reality of Iraq today(along with CIA and other intelligence reports).
It's kind of like the statement Rumsfeld made when he learned of the one thousand US casualty: "It's a relatively small number."

October 20, 2004 10:01 PM Forum: Politics

Hell No, They Won't Go: Solved.

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Well, the army, in it's infinite wisdom, has relieved the commander in charge of the platoon that refused to participate in a convoy in Bush's land of optimism. Furthermore, the army has also "reassigned"(dispersed) soldiers from the reluctant platoon to other units. Yup, that will fix the problem...

October 23, 2004 04:28 PM Forum: Politics

Hell No, More Won't Go

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Well, just when we thought the problem had been solved, 843 soldiers failed to comply to get back into uniform to report for duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. The army is said to be trying to resolve these cases "quietly".
At least one former captain, however, isn't being quiet about being ordered to report back to Iraq. Captain Jay Ferriola resigned in June after completing his agreed-upon term of service sued the government on Friday for trying to force him back into duty in what his lawyer is describing as a back-door draft. The case names Rumsfeld and others as defendants.The suit charges the army's orders violate Ferriola's constitutional rights against involuntary servitude and is a breach of contract with the military. An emergency hearing has been set for Sunday.
I just don't understand why all these guys don't want to go. Afterall, Pat Robertson said Bush told him there weren't going to be any casualties and Bush has, at the very least, professed his optimism on Iraq while stating Afghanistan is an "arising democracy." So what if all of this disrupts the lives of the reservists and those who have already served. So what if the CIA says civil war is probable in Iraq. So what if a former national security adviser to Bush senior has recently called Afghanistan and Iraq a "failing venture." So what if he says Bush junior only co-operates with our allies in Iraq "out of desperation." What do the CIA and a former national security adviser know about it anyway?

October 23, 2004 07:43 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Kerry lying about Social Security

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Bush doesn't say how he will eventually pay for the programs he may eventually propose but he doesn't want to commit in the first place. He did make reference to some type of private plan at a luncheon paid for by some well-heeled republicans about a month ago which did not appear to be geriatric-friendly. Kerry's ad may not be a lie, it may in fact be prophetic. As good as is, it can't predict the future and with Bush at the helm, anybody has alot of worrying to do about their retirements...