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AP 600E in use

Started by mirfak, 05/18/2019 08:58PM
Posted 05/18/2019 08:58PM Opening Post
A couple of weeks ago we had a little solar meetup. Unfortunately there were no sunspots. 

The 600E works well and a lot more portable than my old 900 QMD. 

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Posted 05/18/2019 09:01PM #1
Another pic

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Posted 07/31/2019 07:13PM | Edited 07/31/2019 07:15PM #2
Beautiful setup!  I wish there were some Astro-Physics quality-level mounts out there with a more simple design and no GOTO or slewing motors. For those of us that don't want or need them.   The simple clamp handles on my old 600 mount were easy to use and great for people with arthritis too.

For that matter it'd be nice if there were more quality EQ mounts under 30 pounds.  From what I heard even Losmandy will soon be compulsory goto & slewing on their mounts as well.
Posted 08/10/2019 09:58PM | Edited 08/10/2019 09:59PM #3
I also use a non-GOTO for solar, although it's the smaller 400:

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Posted 08/12/2019 09:09PM #4
Used it again last week for an outreach. 

The AP 600 carried a TSA120 and we viewed Jupiter and Saturn. This setup is much more portable than my old 900 mount and 5” f/12 Superplanetary. 

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