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careers in astronomy/astrophysics

Started by carterfox, 05/21/2017 08:42PM
Posted 05/21/2017 08:42PM Opening Post
I am currently a senior in high school and have absolutely loved astronomy since 8th grade. I decided to major in aerospace engineering because I thought it would be more practical, but I am still much more drawn to astronomy. I would love to major in astronomy/astrophysics but fear a lack of jobs and stability. Any advice? Should I follow my dreams and see what happens or go with a more practical engineering career?
Posted 05/21/2017 09:36PM #1
Hi, Carter, this is something that I actually know something about. I'm a retired aerospace engineer/scientist. There are probably easier, more lucrative, and stable ways to make a living. But the sciences are fun, challenging, and exciting. For what it's worth, astronomer is... sigh... one of the lowest-paying Ph.D. jobs around. And far more astronomers than jobs in the field. But in aerospace, you can make very good dough hooked-up with one of the big aerospace companies. To put it honestly, need to be better than just good... their top scientists are quite uniformly outstanding. It's certainly worth considering! Tom

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