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Re: Astro-Physics 8X50 finderscope....or?

Started by erikdlin, 06/27/2003 07:15PM
Posted 06/27/2003 07:15PM Opening Post
I do not have first hand experience with the AP 8X50 finder. However, it seems to me that if having a finder from AP with the illuminated reticle is not a must there are much better values out there.

A few weeks ago I purchased a 9X50 Right-Angle Correct-Image finder from Orion. This one has 5.0 deg FOV and was priced under $80( was on sale a few month ago for even less). I have it mounted in the same orientation as the diagnol of my main tube(AP 6"F/8) and it works very well. Image is bright and the thick X hairs are readily visible. Two perpendicular adjustment screws makes alignment effortless. The 9X50 size show much dimmer objects than the smaller 5X24 and 6X30 finders on my other scopes. Even the black crinkle finish matchs the black trim on my OTA pretty well. A quick release mounting bracket is included. I can't think of anything that needs improvement.

If you like the traditional staight-thru finder you can get a 9X50 inverted image finder from Orion for less than $60. Mounting bracket included.

ERik D
Posted 07/24/2003 01:45PM #1
I ordered one (AP 8X50) myself today as well , hopefully it will arrive soon and I can report on it! Posters on the AP-UG say the finders are of good quality.