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Started by cedar, 02/12/2004 04:51AM
Posted 02/12/2004 04:51AM Opening Post
Anyone know which years Celestron made the C-8 with the holes in the forks?
Posted 02/12/2004 05:41AM #1
If memory serves me - 1970 through the early 80's. Then the casting filled in the holes on the "powerstar IV" and the Super C-8+. This was kept through the early 90's as the "Clasic C-8". They went to the "ribbed" forks on the "Ultima C-8/11" and evntually to the enclosed square forks on the C-8+ and the "reverse" castings on the Ultimas. And now the tear drop forks on the Nexstar's. I believe (and I'm sure I'll be corrected) the C-14 forks were always the same since the early 70's till a few years ago when the fork mount was stoped.