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Converting a Orange C8 to GOTO

Started by Peter Glus, 06/09/2006 07:35AM
Posted 06/09/2006 07:35AM Opening Post
Fellow Celestron Users!

Got an old C8. Bought a used lxd55 and a Meade Field Tripod a few months back, and am trying to bring everything together. Figured out the mount/tripod problems, and now just need to understand this "dovetail" stuff....

As a passing thought, the whole dovetail thing makes my leery. I mean, with a fork mount you have very significant, balanced OTA support. With the dovetail, it seems much more flimsy. Particularly since the aftermarket plates use only 3 holes (1 in the front and 2 in the back) for the orange tube C8. Even moreso since some of plates you can buy don't follow the curvature of the tube!...I guess you build up the gap with washers?

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with attaching a dovetail to an old C8?

- Peter
Posted 06/09/2006 08:57AM #1
No, it's not washers, although I suppose that would work. There are machined pieces called radius blocks. Basically a shallow "v" that cradle the scope. You can also get a "W" shaped piece of aluminum to do the job.

ANd yes, they are plenty stable. They sell the 9.25 on a CG-5 mount with such an arrangement.