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1278 First light observing report

Started by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden, 11/14/2003 11:37PM
Posted 11/14/2003 11:37PM Opening Post
I thought you guys could use some good news regarding the 1278 scopes that have been delayed in shipping. I drove to Knoxville today (360 miles round trip from Greenville, SC) and picked up my 1278. It is at this moment set up and tracking Saturn in my front yard. Unfortunately the clouds have rolled in and there isn't much too see right now so I'm inside posting this message. I did get some really nice views of Saturn, Mars, and Gamma Andromedae before the clouds rolled in. Despite so-so seeing the optical performance of this scope looks to be excellent with only minimal color fringing on bright objects. I haven't looked through very many achromatic refractors but it appears to show much less color fringing than a Meade AR6 (to be expected) and not that much more than a Meade 5" ED refractor that I have looked through a number of times. Also, the focuser on this scope is excellent, it has a solid and smooth feel to it and has no trouble holding a couple pounds of 2" diagonal and eyepiece. The scope came with the 50mm finder and bracket as well as a 1.25" mirror diagonal, and a pair of tube rings. Bill offered me a Vixen/ CG-5 dovetail plate for the scope but I didn't need it. Last but not least, it came with the now infamous thumbscrews that attach the rings to the dovetail plate/ etc. So the good news is that the optical quality is fine (at least on my sample). The bad news is that the delay in shipping is due to a pair of little thumbscrews. The factory FedExed the thumbscrews on Monday the 10th so they should arrive very soon. I was lucky enough to get the last 2 screws he had from a visit to the factory. Of course Bill is still going to ship the 2" diagonal and fine focus unit when they arrive. Sorry for the long post, I'm also going to post some images of the scope.