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I'm throwing in the towel...on the 1278

Started by dsimons, 12/08/2003 11:24PM
Posted 12/08/2003 11:24PM Opening Post
I'm throwing in the towel...on the 1278.
Posted by Brent Elliott on 12/8/2003 4:43:26 PM

>>>I ordered mine back in Feb. I was told it would be
ready by april or may. This is Dec!! and no scope in
sight ..... >snip< ...I thing something went wrong. I'm throwing in the towel.

Brent <<<

Hi Brent,

Like you I ordered my scope many months ago (10?) and it just arrived last friday. I had a brief chance to use it on Sunday, and the long wait was (almost) worth it. Very sharp views. Stars focused to pinpoints, edge of the moon was crisp at 160X with a slight violet fringe, much better than my old Vixen 4" f10 achro. The moon could have taken much more power, but I only had the scope mounted to a light duty tripod. Subtle banding on Saturn was a joy, and the Cassini division was clear. Many small pinprick stars were visible that night, even with the almost full moon. Let's just say I carried the OTA back in the house a little more carefully then when I first brought it out that night. Although I also have a 5" APO refractor, the Burgess will be the quick grab and go, as it is so much lighter. I hope to do a side by side test later.

The picture shows the scope packed in the inner box, a larger outer box is not shown, and it is filled with packing peanuts to cushion the inner one. Somewhat makeshift packaging, but it works well.

David Simons

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Posted 12/08/2003 11:27PM #1
The scope, looking at Saturn, on a somewhat flimsy mount !

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Posted 12/09/2003 02:19AM #2
Hi David,

Which 5" apo do you own?

Clear Skies,