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Re: Any News?

Started by jadamslh, 08/03/2003 04:36PM
Posted 08/03/2003 04:36PM Opening Post
I talked to Bill yesterday, and he's waiting eagerly, like everyone else. He can only go on the best info he's given, despite expectations [ours and his.]

I think six months from now this whole adventure [or, some would say, misadventure] will be a legend. "I was one of the original prototype subscribers for Bill Burgess's line of scopes."

I really think Bill is a visionary in the truest sense, and it's not all about money with him. He's so excited about new offerings, he's like Mickey Rooney in the old movies with Judy Garland, "hey, guys, we can put on OUR OWN SHOW, right here, everyone will come..."

I had the 102 prototype to evaluate last month, and I'm telling you, it's for real. I do star parties locally, and there are so many people who say they'd be interested in acquiring a decent scope, but who don't want to spend the mortgage. If Bill is successful, folks can have a serious astronomical instrument, affordably.

I'm a businessman, and I know that sometimes things don't come through as soon as expected, and there's no use getting upset. No one's trying to cause you trouble or lying to you, there are just unexpected delays, especially in dealing overseas. There are so many potential roadblocks.

I ordered my refractors in February, expecting them in April or May, and it's not the first time I've had to wait much longer for something than I had thought. [Coronado, bless their hearts, were months longer than I expected; now I have my 60 mm. H-alpha filter and it's SO COOL, I don't care HOW long I'd have had to wait...]

It's down to days or a few weeks now, have heart, and I'm sure in six months you won't even remember being impatient to get yours.
Posted 08/03/2003 05:14PM #1
Well, if it's not here by Aug 2004, I'm gonna have to start looking for an additional scope to satiate my GAS. I can't go too long without getting a new telescope. There was an Intes MK67 that popped up in the classifieds for about 15 minutes today. Never owned one of them, so I thought about buying it. That just ain't right.

When Bill pulls this off, and with the backing of Anacortes, this will be a major boon for amatuer astronomers. The biggest complaint about the Synta gear is the darn tinkering required to get them working well. I like tinkering, but it takes a while to learn how to do it properly and can be very frustrating.

This is fun to be a part of, that's for certain.

Clear skies,