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127 ED Observations

Started by g1957, 02/24/2003 11:47AM
Posted 02/24/2003 11:47AM Opening Post
Last night I used my Meade 127ed. I spent the day checking collimation with an artificial star. Everything looked from what I can tell to be right on. Collimation is very important for these Type of ED refractors. The skys over N florida at 8 pm were excellent 7-8 no atmospherics. My LXD 55 mount performed flawlessly. About time been
to meade once already.Guess all the bugs are gone. Still shakes at very high power. Mount is at limit with this flimsey aluminum tripod. The scope from what I could tell performed very good. I viewed Jupiter for an hour
using a 10.5 tellevue and a celestron APO barlow. I could see no violot color around the planet limb. At times of good seeing I could make out both N and S pole Belts the GRS and some detail in the GRS. I could make out very faintly some more thin belts near the GRS. I could see very faint banding by the N pole. I observerd a moon
transit going across the limb and face of the planet. The moon was a distinct clearly seen whitish globe. I tried more Power 6.5 Meade Super plossel with the barlow but it was too much. Saturn was too high for the mount. Directly overhead so I did not observe it. I also spent some time
looking at M42. It was beautiful especially with a Orion skyglo filter. The nebula cloud filled the eysepiece. The humidity was pretty high the lens started to fog over so
I had to call it quits after about an hour and twenty minutes. I have attempted to So all the time I could not see Jupiter clearly it was the atmoshpere and i thought it was collimation. It seems this scope is affected by
atmospherics. I also did a star test and everything looked centered. I am sure a collimation expert could tweak it some more and get a tad bit
more out of it but I can't find anything wrong collimation wise. Wish I had a 6" ED. I hope this helps you. I like the scope but now I want probably costs arounf $1700 used plus I would need a Atlas (EQ6) mount to handle the weight.
Posted 02/26/2003 07:21PM #1
I'm trying to decide on a 5" or 6" scope. I hear the 6 is too big. I read that the 5 is a better scope because of being lighter and in turn easier to setup night to night. Sounds like your scope gives great views. But you mentioned that you wish you had a 6" now. Would you rather have the 6" instead of the 5"?