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C-14 vs Meade RCX 14

Started by maurice clark, 07/05/2007 03:29PM
Posted 07/05/2007 03:29PM Opening Post
Hi all,

I posted this question on the Equipment forum, but did not get any responses. Hopefully here it will be more visible.

At the risk of starting a war of words, I am looking for opinions on the new Meade RCX OTA's, specifically the 14".

I currently have a C-14 for CCD imaging which I use with a focal reducer to get about f/7. It works quite well, but I would rather be able to do away with the foacl reducer for most work. Also, being a metal tube, the focal point changes during the night, making it necessary to take many sets of flat fields.

The RCX 14" is advertised as being f/8 which means I would not need the foacl reducer, and as having a carbon fiber tube which would minimise changes in focal point.

Anybody here used the RCX scopes and know what their quality is like compared to the C-14?



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