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Crosshair not in focus

Started by turbines, 08/30/2008 07:37PM
Posted 08/30/2008 07:37PM Opening Post
On my 8x50 meade finder I can focus at distant objects with no trouble by turning the front lense in and out. But my rub is, the crosshair is out of focus to the point that it renders trying to use the crosshair for reference useless.
How does one get the crosshair in focus?
Posted 08/31/2008 08:01AM #1
Mike, Is the reticle adjustable at all; does it screw into it's housing?

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]
Posted 08/31/2008 09:40AM #2
There probably is a way to focus the crosshairs independently from the eyepiece/objective system.

I have a (cheap) Meade straight-through 6x30 finder, and the crosshairs can be focused. On my little finder, the eyepiece will unscrew from the body. The inside of the eyepiece body is internally threaded, and the crosshairs are mounted in a matching, externally threaded cylinder. This threaded "crosshair cylinder" can be turned, moving the crosshairs relative to the eyepiece lens. This allows you to focus the crosshairs while the eyepiece is removed from the finder. Once the crosshairs are in focus, the eyepiece is threaded back onto the body of the finder. Then the finder can be focused by adjusting the objective lens, if necessary. Moving the crosshairs to get them in focus should have no effect on the focus of the eyepiece/objective system. Let me know if this helps....