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Floyd - WyoRock Custom Focuser

Started by jondickinson, 01/29/2007 03:38AM
Posted 01/29/2007 03:38AM Opening Post

Liked your review on the WyoRock Custom Focuser. I may have missed it, is the focuser collimatable? I see three screws that seem to be placed 120 degrees apart near the mounting base.

Also, is there a weight in the mount base? (Or do you re-use the existing focuser weight).

I am considering a replacement focuser for my Meade AR6 that I really like. Thanks!

Posted 01/29/2007 10:05AM | Edited 01/29/2007 10:07AM #1
Hi Jon,
As for collimation, the three screws are to mount it to the original flange. I did not think that it would need collimation as it is mounted just like the old one and it was collimated very well. If there is a way to machine it so that it can be collimated, Don could do the work. You would just have to tell him what you wanted.
I did not used any weights and left the focuser 3 lbs lighter than the original. This really helped me as the scope was having to be pushed too close to the 80mm companion scope to allow use of the left focus knob due to the finder actually hitting the knob. So now the scope weighs in at about 11.5 lb instead of 14.5 lb. This also helped with the load on the mount so that the combination of the 127ED and the 80mm APO is not so close to maximum load for the LXD650 mount.
If needed Don could make the adapter collar thicker so that it had more weight. He machined mine down to keep it light.
Over all I really like this focuser. The weight, smooth draw and ability to rotate it makes it very nice. The machined look of the bare aluminum is also quite attractive.

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