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Magellan one computer aligment fails for DOB

Started by walkey, 03/18/2007 10:49PM
Posted 03/18/2007 10:49PM Opening Post
I have a friend that has purchased a Meade Magellan One Computer for his Meade 12.5 Star Finder on a DOB's mount. He has installed the encoder as per the instructions, and verified it is reading the encoder. He makes sure the rocker box is level, and then goes through Leveling the tube for the Horizontal ALT-AZ alignment, after doing all the leveling, he the select the Stars for the 2 Star Alignment setup. The problem is, it always fails. He has even tried the Vertical ALT-AZ as per the instruction it also fails. He has check the connections, and has even tried the ALT encoder on both sides of the telescope, nothing seems to work. The instruction says to refer to the ratio paper to set the encoder ratios for the type of mount and telescope you have. The problem here is he does not have that paper, and MEADE does not have it either according to their tech support. We have searched the WEB for any instructions on the Magellan One Computer, and it keeps referring us the MEADE Web site manual which does not have any encoder ratio setting. So now you know the history, The problem is he can not get the Meade Magellan One computer to do a 2 star alignment. If you have any ideas or happen to know what the ratio setting should be set to, for a DOB Meade Star Finder 12.5 inch, it would be of great help...

Thanks Walkey..
Posted 03/19/2007 10:57PM #1

I can't say for sure since I've never owned one, but I have used other DSCs that required a ratio be set in initial set-up. If the encoders are directly connected to the axis of the scope the ratio should be 1.0 If there's gearing or belts/cogs involved, its the gear ratio expressed as a decimal. So if the gear on the scope shaft has 10 teeth and the gear on the encoder shaft has 20 teeth the ratio would be .5

Hope this helps.


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Posted 04/04/2007 03:55PM #2
hi I have the magellin two on a 10 inch eq starfinder
and the encoder ratio is either +1.0 and -1.0 on
the other axis try either one.some people set them both to -1.0 I havent had good luck with this
system I have sent the whole thing to meade for repair and even just replaced the encoders.if you own a meade you find yourself always tinkering with it to get it to work.