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Meade 16" LX200GPS Pier HELP???

Started by Kurt Casby, 01/05/2007 10:42AM
Posted 01/05/2007 10:42AM Opening Post
Hi All,

I have been assigned the task of having a pier constructed for our club's 16" Meade LX200GPS. We cannot simply order a Meade pier as this will be mounted on an existing (short) concrete pier. Basically I need to have a short pier made to spec.

I have been having a difficult time determining the measurement of the bolt circle that holds the scope base to the pier. I have written Meade with the typical no response (more than once!). I have also located an image of a blueprint of the Meade pier on the Yahoo group relating to this scope. The trouble with the image is that the key information (the dimensions of the bolt circle) is not clearly legible in the image.

Can anyone help here with a definitive answer on the diameter of the bolt circle that holds the fork base of a 16" LX200GPS to the pier (or the tripod, as it uses the same bolts!)?? I would very much appreciate any help.

Thank You,
Clear Skies,
Posted 01/07/2007 03:52PM #1
Nevermind folks, I found the information.

Clear Skies,