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Meade rebuild -- fixed mirror options?

Started by JJM, 01/13/2013 07:39AM
Posted 01/13/2013 07:39AM Opening Post
I'm starting on a rebuild project with the goal of improving the mechanics of a 14" LX200 ACF. The primary mirror lock in this scope is poorly designed and the secondary mirror could use better support as well. Since these mirrors are heavy, collimation and focus change quite a bit as the scope is moved. What works in an 8" scope is at best marginal for this larger version.

So what is the best approach for supporting the heavy tapered primary in a fixed, non-movable, configuration? The current support is by the center baffle tube. There is no flat back surface for a multi-point cell, and the thin edges probably mean that mechanical pressure in that area is not a good idea. Meade reportedly glued or embedded the primaries of its LX400 to lock them in place. Has anyone looked at the details of how that was done? Seems like it would make service and recoating difficult.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Jim McSheehy