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Re: Removing and re-installing OTAs in fork mount

Started by james515, 11/25/2006 09:13PM
Posted 11/25/2006 09:13PM Opening Post
I removed my old LX90 OTA from the forks years ago so I could re-thread the deck lock knob threads and install a longer screw because I over tightened it one to many times.

I had no problems with goto accuracy after this and I did not know there was an issue with goto's if you removed the OTA from the forks until i read this post. I did scratch the OTA along one side of the tube putting it back in the forks.

if you do remove the OTA just be careful and do a complete reset of the autostar, train the drives, calibrate motors and all that fun stuff and you should be ok. I always did that before a long observing night (but not for just a few hours worth of viewing) and using the 2 star alignment always gave me good results.