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Weight for the new 14"

Started by ecdon, 08/01/2002 07:33AM
Posted 08/01/2002 07:33AM Opening Post
Anyone know how much the new 14" GPS weighs? I wen to Meade's site and it's weight is not listed. The 12" is just about the max weight one would want for portability.

Don Spencer
Posted 08/01/2002 04:12PM #1
Well, I haven't seen any hard numbers yet. But if you look at the others you'll get a good idea. The 8"(Fork and tube assembley) weighs 45 lbs and the 10 weighs 62 lbs and the 12" weighs 75 lbs. If you average that out to about 15 lbs increase I would say that the 14" is going to weigh in the neighborhood of 90 lbs. Give or take a pound or so. So, you better starting eating you wheaties :-)

David Pope