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10:1 microfocuser arrived

Started by rhranac, 06/05/2004 07:51AM
Posted 06/05/2004 07:51AM Opening Post
The 10:1 microfocuser for my TOA-130 was delivered Friday afternoon. After reviewing the accompanying well-written instructions and the parts themselves--which appear to be VERY high quality--it looks like installation should take no more than a few minutes. One of my weekend "to-do" tasks is to install the microfocuser. Details to follow, along with a picture or two. --Ron
Posted 06/05/2004 10:35AM #1

I received mine last week. I did not find the instructions until after I installed it. They were folded in with the receipt from ATWB. I must say that it went on my SKY-90 without a glitch (even without the instructions) wink . I did spend a few moments looking at the flat aluminum piece trying to figure out what the heck it was. After a bit I noticed the two prongs on the end and concluded that it was a tool to remove the bottom focuser cap. It is great that they included that and the little Allen wrench.

The 10x focus feels a bit "spongy" in use, but it looks great and certainly works well. Helps a LOT smile