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Cameras and Barlows???

Started by reconair, 08/13/2006 05:55PM
Posted 08/13/2006 05:55PM Opening Post
I've been experiementing alot with my new Taks and have noticed that it takes an incredible amount of extention in order to bring a webcam or CCD cam to focus. Same goes for focal reducers and flatteners. Also, I haven't been able to use a barlow at all and achieve anywhere near focus. What's up with that? Can I not use a barlow/telextender with my Taks. For the record, I have a FS60c and a TSA-102.


Scott Busby
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Posted 08/13/2006 07:53PM #1

I have a TSA102S and a TOA130S. The short tube versions are designed to allow plenty of in-focus for accessories such as Binoviewers without the need for a OCA or barlow to move the focus point out (unlike many scopes). This means that some accessories, such as certain barlows as you noted require a rather long extension train to reach focus. I guess the idea is that you can always extend the scope, but cannot make it give more in-focus.

That said, I have not trouble reaching focus with any of the Televue Powermates or the TOA reducer. I did have to use a couple of extensions, however, to get the Tak barlow to come to focus. I sold the barlow. I must say, though, I like the S versions for their versatility.

Randy Roy