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Focusing an FC100 with a barlow

Started by jeyjey, 05/14/2006 09:51PM
Posted 05/14/2006 09:51PM Opening Post
My FC100 rides piggyback on a 16" SCT, so it's used mostly for low power, wide field work.

I recently got an AP Convertible Barlow for the SCT, but I find I keep using it with the Tak as well (it's handy for estimating seeing -- since you can actually see the diffraction pattern -- and I've found myself looking at some targets at higher powers in both the SCT and the Tak).

In fact, I've been using the Tak enough at high power that I'm tired of swapping the one barlow around. The problem is that the Tak won't reach focus with the AP barlow after the 2" diagonal; I have to put it before the diagonal, which requires quite a bit more assembly/dissassembly every time I want to move it.

I don't think I'd be looking to spend a whole bunch of coin on a second barlow, though, so I'll probably be looking for a 1.25" to use with my UO orthos (rather than a second 2" unit). Will a 1.25" unit (such as a UO Klee or TV 3X) come to focus in the Tak (after a 2" diagonal), or do I need to go with a Powermate?

-- Jeff.