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Takahashi finder mystery

Started by, 04/06/2014 07:02AM
Posted 04/06/2014 07:02AM | Edited 04/06/2014 12:28PM Opening Post
I have two Tak finders one is longer then the other and the lens reflection color is different. The short one has a green reflection and the long one has a light blue reflection. What's up ????

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Posted 04/07/2014 06:18AM #1
Multi-coated lenses often have a green color while single-coated lenses typically appear blue. Differing focal length objectives accounts for longer or shorter tube. IOW these two examples were either made at different times or in different factories or even out-sourced. Makes no diff unless you were wanting to binocular mount them, however the longer focal length one may provide sharper views especially near the edge of the FOV (trial them on the Moon tonight).