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Why the Tak .965 ep's?

Started by darkhop, 09/19/2002 05:17PM
Posted 09/19/2002 05:17PM Opening Post
Is there a particular reason why Takahashi continues to make .965" eyepieces when practically the entire rest of the astro world has gone to 1.25" (and 2")? Some benefit that you can't get otherwise, or is this another "that's the way they do it in Japan" thing?

Just curious...
Posted 09/19/2002 08:20PM #1
If you want to get some good responses to this question, try posting this on Yahoo, UncensoredTakGroup. You should creat some interesting comments.
Posted 09/19/2002 09:31PM #2
Points which come to mind (not necessarily theories or reasons why):

At 42 degrees afov, there's no need for the 1.25-inch format. (Indeed, the two HI-Or models, with their subdiamter negative field lenses, need even *less* diameter. Imagine a 0.4-inch format!)

Less bulky; lighter in weight.

Slightly less lightpath "eaten" by the smaller format (vs. comparable 1.25ers).

Converting/adapting them to the larger format would increase cost.