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7mm Nagler & 9mm Nagler EPs

Started by rocketsteve, 06/07/2003 09:25AM
Posted 06/07/2003 09:25AM Opening Post
I've been looking at replacing my TV 8mm and 10.5mm plossls with the 7mm and 9mm Naglers for the extra eye relief, but I don't know anyone who has one that I can look through. I've found a couple for sale in Astromart, but I don't want to spend the money unless I know I'll be happy with the views. I've had the chance to look through some of the high power Orion Epic EPs and they were pretty nice, and I wanted to know how the 7 & 9 Naglers might compare. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted 06/07/2003 11:34AM #1
The Type 6 Naglers are excellent eyepieces. I would expect even the type 1 Naglers to beat the Orion Epics, but I really don't know for sure.
Posted 06/07/2003 01:14PM #2
I've looked through some of the Orion Epic eyepieces, a Televue 11mm plossl, 9mm type 1 nagler, and 7mm type 6 nagler at various times. The Naglers have an immense field of view compared to Plossls and the Epics. The Naglers have a bit more eye relief than the plossls, but not nearly as much as the epics and other long eye relief designs like the Radians and Pentax Xl's. For the greatest view quality / comfort combination, I like the Pentax XL eyepieces with the radians close behind. For a huge field of view and medium amount of comfort while maintaining high image quality, the Type 6 Naglers are the best (at these focal lengths). I found that I prefer my 7mm Pentax XL compared to a 7mm Nagler Type 6 because of the increased viewing comfort. I found that taking in the whole field of view in the 7mm Type 6 required pressing my eye too close to the eyepiece ( I think my eye sockets are pretty deep though :-)

Posted 07/06/2003 04:54PM #3
Make sure you buy the Type 6 7mm Nagler, the old one was just too dark and lacked contrast in my opinion.

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