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Started by Buck8one2, 07/06/2005 01:32PM
Posted 07/06/2005 01:32PM Opening Post
Hi Folks
After a number of years of wearing glasses to correct for far sight, I found out recently that I have a small amount of astigmatism (1/2 diopter) that I didn't know about. With that said I've noticed that stars have a spike or flare on the bottom while using a 26mmT5 in a TV101 and no problems with any of my other T6's mainly because of the smaller exit pupil I would think. Getting to the point, I just ordered the Dioptrx and was wondering if anyone is using them and what eyepieces they are used on, and how do they like them.
Posted 07/10/2005 04:33PM | Edited 07/10/2005 04:38PM #1
I just obtained a 1.0 diopter Dioptrix and have tested it with the Nagler 31 and FLT 110mm, 4.8mm pupil. It works! It is amazing to see low power stars look like they do at high powers.

As has been pointed out, the astigmatism at nighttime may differ from the daytime prescription that uses a stopped down portion of the cornea. This would not be the case if the eye was otherwise perfect. In my case however, the correction for pure astimatism is just about dead on. However, I too have a slight flare, i.e., not astigmatism and therefore not corrected. Nevertheless this is a small issue compared to the overall improvement.

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